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dress to impress

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Pros and Cons in cheap escorts in North London.

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The escorts will keep you good company while in North London

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The Benefits of Sex Education To The Society

Sex Education 5The U.S. Educational system suffered in the last U.S. administration, especially in regards to the pros cons of sex education. When then president George Bush was still campaigning for more funding for abstinence-only education programs in November 2007, it was immediately following a national study found that sex education programs – which included contraception information as an integral feature – were most effective at preventing teen pregnancies. This focus on abstinence-only sex education flew in the face of the findings by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

Today, we are hoping to see a positive increase in the awareness and habits of young people regarding abstinence and safe responsible sex. Unfortunately it remains the poor who lack the opportunity to get the help they need or have a voice as to what their opinions are on these issues that impact their communities.

Cons – Without Sex Education many young people will be left to the media and hear say to find answers to important questions. Questions – if left unanswered – can lead to unplanned pregnancy and the repetition of a continuing cycle of ignorance. It seems impossible to get an exact match on every parents core values when it comes to sex education, and so it is an ongoing debate more than a con or conflict.

Need Of Sex Education For The Teenagers

In many societies, people feel embarrassed while discussing sex. It has been associated for so long with unacceptable and dirty feelings. Embarrassment also comes from the mystery surrounding this whole act. Many religious preachers preach to abstain from sex and observe abstinence to attain salvation. But in societies where sex has been open and free, it is accepted much more easily as being normal and natural.

Many families do not feel its necessary to talk on this topic. They do not discuss it to their children and as a consequence children try to discover it through their own. Generally the teens learn the major part of this vital science from their friends who themselves are not well known of the complete fact.

Boys in their puberty enjoy looking at the picture of naked women. Generally boys and men can become sexually aroused when looking at picture of naked women in magazines, adult films and by having sexual fantasies. Sexual arousal is a pleasurable feeling. So they enjoy looking at such kind of things.Sex Education 1

Many times boys and girl masturbate. It helps relieve some of the sexual tension that is an inevitable part of growing up. Both boys and girls get involved in this type of things. Boys masturbate more than girls because the penis is more accessible and they are more used to touching it.

Masturbation is not bad for health in anyway. But always remember that it should not become compulsive. Girls and women masturbate mostly with their hands, rubbing against the sensitive, clitoris at the top of the vulva. They may use a firm action over the whole vulva. Sometimes using one or more fingers to enter the vagina and imitate the rhythmic movement of intercourse.

There is no specific age when boys or girls suddenly become interested in sex. The way they feel about it, has a lot to do with the level of sex hormones which are estrogen in girl and testosterone in boy. Physical features directly involved in sexual behaviour and reproduction. The gonads (testes and ovaries) and the external sex organs (penis and vagina) are known as primary sex characteristics.

There are few terms like promiscuous and nymphomaniac. We will discuss these terms in brief. Promiscuity is a sexual behavior which denotes having physical relation with a variety of partners. But this does not apply to the girl who carries contraceptives. It is a wise step to keep contraceptives as she is accepting responsibility for her actions. She cares both for herself and her partners.

Nymphomaniac is a compulsive need for sexual stimulation and gratification in women, frequently leading to promiscuity or to masturbation performed several time a day. But in this case it simply means that she is young and healthy. But if a girl feels sexy for more than one boy at a time, it does not mean she is nymphomaniac.

The Problems Facing Sex Education

Sex education or sexuality education is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships and intimacy. It is also a term used to describe education about human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, reproductive health, emotional relations and other aspects of human sexual behavior. It is generally accepted that young people have a right to be educated about sex. This is because while growing up, they may be exposed to a wide range of attitudes and beliefs in relation to sex and sexuality. Some of the information available to these young people may sometimes be contradictory and confusing. The media for one may promote the idea that being sexually active makes one mature and confident. And on the other hand, some health messages always hammer on the adverse effects of having sex such as contracting a sexually transmitted infection, unwanted pregnancies etc. These differing opinions may lead to confusion amongst the populace. Sex education should therefore entail finding out what young people know about sex, adding to their existing knowledge and correcting any misinformation they may have.

People get information about sex from different sources. It could be through the media, from friends, parents, schools and health institutions. It has formed part of the curricula in schools across the world. It is said to be formal or informal depending on its source. When the source is from a parent, friend, religious leader, from a casual conversation, or through the media, it is said to be informal. When offered by schools or health care providers it is referred to as formal.

Aims of Sex Education

The basic aim of sex education is to reduce the risks of the negative outcomes from risky sexual behavior. It is a means through which the youths learn and adopt the right attitudes towards sex. It aims to inform people about the dangers of risky sexual behaviors which may lead to unwanted teenage pregnancies, contraction of a sexually transmitted infection such as HIV among other complications. It helps the youth to have a positive mindset about sex and their sexuality. It helps to improve relationships between young people. It also empowers the youth against sexual abuses.

When Should Sex Education Begin?

Although it is generally accepted that young people have a right to learn about sex, it remains a controversial issue in several countries particularly with regards to the age at which children should start receiving such education. At what age would children be able to understand the concepts taught during sex education? Should it be delayed until people are sexually active before they are exposed to it? Or should it be taught to children in order for them to use the information later in life when they might really need it? When taught at an early age does it encourage young people to have sex? People are concerned that providing information about sex and sexuality arouses curiosity and can lead to sexual experimentation. Contrary to that, studies have shown that sexuality education did not increase sexual activity. It either reduced sexual activity, or increased rates of condom use. it should therefore be provided to young people before the age of puberty, and upwards before they establish their patterns of behavior. The precise age should depend on the physical, emotional and intellectual developments of the young people as well as their level of information.Sex Image 2

The Curriculum of Sex Education

The issue of the amount of information that should be given to young people during sex education is still very controversial. Its content most times differs in schools across countries. Different people have their opinion and beliefs about sex, and this usually influences their willingness to accept sex education on the basis of the fact that what is taught might contradict their moral inclinations. For example, the Roman Catholic Church is strongly against the use of any form of artificial contraceptives. On the subject of sex education, Pope John Paul II in his Apostolic Exhortation titled Familiaris consortio, enjoined parents “to give their children a clear and delicate education” and that “if ideologies opposed to Christian faith are taught in schools, the family must join with other families and help the children not to depart from the faith.”

In India, attempts by state governments to introduce sex education as a compulsory part of school curriculum have often been met with harsh criticism by people who claim it is against Indian culture and would mislead children. In England and Wales, it is not compulsory in schools as parents can refuse to let their children take part in the lessons. In some countries, parents must give their consent before their children may attend such classes. These variations in different regions are believed to have arisen due to the lingering controversy over the curriculum of sex education.

A range of topics are usually treated in sex education lessons depending on the laws of the region. Some of these include:
The male and female reproductive system
Physical and emotional changes of adolescence
Growing up process
Dangers of sexual violence
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
Safe sex/use of condoms
Resisting peer pressure
Sexual abuse
Sex positions
Teenage pregnancies: among others.

Some people feel that sex education curricula breakdown pre-existing notions of modesty and encourage acceptance of practices that are immoral. Many religions teach that sex outside of marriage is immoral, and adherents prefer the abstinence-only sex education. For this reason, homosexual, bisexual, transgender youth, and those with other sexual orientations or practices which are considered immoral are often ignored in sex education classes. There is even lack of discussion about safer sex practices for manual, oral and anal sex with regards to the risks involved. Such practices are becoming more rampant among youths and many indulge in such acts believing that they are risk-free. The neglect of such delicate issues can end up causing harm to individuals affected. Sex education should therefore apply a non-judgmental approach in tackling such sensitive issues about sex. People providing sex education have attitudes and beliefs of their own about sex and sexuality but it is important that they do not let these influence negatively the sex education that they provide.